Class Gastropoda (Snails, slugs and limpets)

Domain: EucaryaDomain: Eucarya Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: Mollusca Class Phenology

Orders of the Class Gastropoda Discovered in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Order Common Name Photo Example Where? Phenology
BasommatophoraThorn snails HerePhenology
Gastropoda_orderSnails and slugs(NA) HerePhenology
MesogastropodaSnails(NA) HerePhenology
NeotaenioglossaAquatic walker snails(NA) HerePhenology
SorbeoconchaSnails(NA) HerePhenology
StylommatophoraLand snails and slugs HerePhenology

Can't find the orders you are looking for? Note:
Orders on this list are only those contained in the ATBI database,
and do not neccessarily include all Park orders from historic park reports, literature,
or other sources that have not yet been entered in the Biodiversity Database.
Also note: where the order name ends with '_order', it means that the order
name has not yet been agreed upon by taxonomists for this group,
or that it was not identified to this level.

In Case You Didn't Know ...
This class of Molluscs are made up of slugs and snails. They are soft-bodied, without segments and exoskeleton. Snails also have spiral shells that may have tooth-like projections over the opening to keep out predators.
Over 140 species of these slow-moving organisms have been discovered in the park.
Some can be just a millimeter in length, and others as long as your finger.