Family Cambaridae (Crayfishes)

Domain: EucaryaKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ArthropodaClass: MalacostracaOrder: Decapoda Phenology

Cambaridae Species Discovered in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Species Common Name Photo Where? Phenology
Cambaridae_genus speciesCrayfish species(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus acanthuraThornytail Crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus asperimanusMitten crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus bartoniiCommon crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus bartonii (n. sp.)Crayfish (unnamed)(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus carolinusRed burrowing crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus diogenesDevil Crawfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus forcepsSurgeon Crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus longirostrisLongnose crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus reburrusFrench Broad crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus robustusBig water crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus robustus 2 (n. sp.)Crayfish (unnamed)(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus speciesCrayfish species(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus theepiensisCoalfields crayfish (new species)(NA) HerePhenology
Cambarus tuckasegeeTuckasegee Stream Crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Orconectes erichsonianusReticulate crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Orconectes forcepsSurgeon crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Orconectes rusticusRusty crayfish(NA) HerePhenology
Orconectes speciesCrayfish species(NA) HerePhenology

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Taxa on this list are only those contained in the ATBI database,
and do not neccessarily include all Park taxa from historic park reports, literature,
or other sources that have not yet been entered
in the Biodiversity Database.
Also note: where part of the taxon name is species,
it means that the taxon name has not yet been agreed upon by taxonomists for this group,
or that it was not identified to this level.

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