Order Odonata

(Dragonflies and Damselflies)

Domain: EucaryaKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ArthropodaClass: Insecta Order Phenology

Families of the Order Odonata Discovered in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Family Common Name Photo Example Where? Phenology
AeshnidaeDarner dragonflies HerePhenology
CalopterygidaeBroad-winged damselflies HerePhenology
CoenagrionidaeNarrow-winged damselflies HerePhenology
CordulegastridaeSpiketail dragonflies HerePhenology
CorduliidaeEmerald dragonflies(not available) HerePhenology
GomphidaeClubtail dragonflies HerePhenology
LestidaeSpreadwing damselflies(not available) HerePhenology
LibellulidaeSkimmer dragonflies HerePhenology
MacromiidaeCruisers(not available) HerePhenology
PetaluridaePetaltail dragonflies HerePhenology

Can't find the families you are looking for? Note:
Families on this list are only those contained in the ATBI database,
and do not neccessarily include all Park families from historic park reports, literature,
or other sources that have not yet been entered in the Biodiversity Database.

In Case You Didn't Know ...
These important, fast-flying predators of the Park's waterways are part of nature's way of controling mosquitoes and other prolific insects.
When DLIA began the ATBI in the Park, 61 species were known to exist. After over a decade of DLIA-supported research, another 34 species new to the Park have been discovered.