Order Scorpiones


Domain: EucaryaKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ArthropodaClass: Arachnida Order Phenology

Families of the Order Scorpiones Discovered in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Family Common Name Photo Example Where? Phenology
VaejovidaeScorpions HerePhenology

Can't find the families you are looking for? Note:
Families on this list are only those contained in the ATBI database,
and do not neccessarily include all Park families from historic park reports, literature,
or other sources that have not yet been entered in the Biodiversity Database.

In Case You Didn't Know ...
The Order Scorpiones is a group of predatory arthropods, related to spiders and mites. The following combination of characteristics are unique to this order.
1) Eight legs
2) A pair of grasping claws
3) A narrow, segmented tail, carried in a forward curve over the back, ending with a venomous stinger.
Out of the 1750+ species throughout the world, only about 25 species are capable of producing enough venom to kill a human being. The Southern scorpion species found in the park are no more potent than a bee sting, and are relatively small, measuring under an inch in length.
The scorpions of the park appear to flourish in leaf litter where small arthropod prey is plentiful.