Bioblitz Youth Ambassador

The Discover Life in America Biodiversity Youth Ambassador Program is designed to equip regional students to become change agents in the surrounding communities. Our program prepares individuals to promote the benefits and necessity of biodiversity conservation in their backyards through participation in workshops, education sessions, and hands on activities (bioblitz events) designed to increase the knowledge of the amazing biodiversity in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Training workshop (on-line and in-person) designed to help create well spoken advocate for the conservation of the plants and animals in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Development of leadership skills which will help you with your future career.


  • Participation in all training sessions
  • Commitment to attend Bioblitz event/s
  • Advocate for the protection of our natural resources (biodiversity)

The culmination of this project will be for Youth Ambassadors to work with Park Service personnel, DLIA, research scientists, and elementary students in conducting a one-day bioblitz in the GSMNP to help celebrate the Centinial of the National Park Service in 2016.

Workshops / Lectures / Activities:

  • January – Background/History/Definitions (Biodiversity, DLIA, ATBI, Nat Geo, NPS)
  • February – What is Biodiversity? – The All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory
  • March- Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • April – Conservation in Action
  • May – Bioblitz Training
  • May- Safety Training

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