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Park Backlog
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Dr. Richard E. Baird
Project Summary:

This inventory entaled collecting microfungi n leaf litter surrounding Fraser Fir, Eastern Hemlock and American Beech trees.  This is a year that the Primary Investigator decided to not apply for a DLIA minigrant.

Collectors List: CollectorList.pdf

Family Count Graph: FamilyCountAcGraph.pdf

Genera of Largest Family Graph: GenusCountAcGraph.pdf

Project Information: ProjectInfo.pdf

Species by Month: CountsPerSpeciesByMonth.pdf

Species Ranking: SpeciesDistributionRanking.pdf

Species Report: Taxonomy.pdf

Upper Taxa List: UpperTaxa.pdf

Principal Investigator

PI Name:  Dr. Richard E. Baird

PI Organization:  Mississippi State University

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