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Park Backlog
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Dr. Kenneth Dodd
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Four years of historic salamander data was collected with USGS funding from 1998 through 2001.  One result was the publication, 'The Amphibians of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.'  It was copyrighted in 2004 and published by the University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville.  The data from this work has been formatted and appended to the ATBI database.

Collectors List: CollectorList.pdf

Family Count Graph: FamilyCountAcGraph.pdf

Genera of Largest Family Graph: GenusCountAcGraph.pdf

Project Information: ProjectInfo.pdf

Species by Month: CountsPerSpeciesByMonth.pdf

Species Ranking: SpeciesDistributionRanking.pdf

Species Report: Taxonomy.pdf

Upper Taxa List: UpperTaxa.pdf

Principal Investigator

PI Name: Dr. Kenneth Dodd

PI Organization: Retired USGS

Primary Taxonomist

Taxonomist Name:  Dr. Kenneth Dodd

Taxonomist Organization:  Retired USGS

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