Grant Number:
Grant Amount:
Project Type:
Park Backlog
Organism Group Sought:
Opilionids (harvestmen or daddy long-legs)
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Jeff Shultz
Project Summary:

This dataset was part of the Pilot Study backlog of specimens that needed processed by a qualified taxonomic expert.

Collectors List: CollectorList.pdf

Family Count Graph: FamilyCountAcGraph.pdf

Genera of Largest Family Graph: GenusCountAcGraph.pdf

Project Information: ProjectInfo.pdf

Samplings List: SamplingsList.pdf

Species by Month: CountsPerSpeciesByMonth.pdf

Species Ranking: SpeciesDistributionRanking.pdf

Species Report: Taxonomy.pdf

Specimen Count Per Year: SpeciesNumbersTracking.pdf

Upper Taxa List: UpperTaxa.pdf

Principal Investigator

PI Name:  Dr. Chuck Parker

PI Organization:  USGS, stationed at GSMNP

Primary Taxonomist

Taxonomist Name:  Dr. Jeff Shultz

Taxonomist Organization:  MD Systematic Entomology Center, University of Maryland

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