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Mr. Jason Love
Project Summary:

An expedition by Tremont staff and a science leadership intern, Gar Secrist, resulted in a report of their discoveries in the upper drainage of Raven Fork.

Collectors List: CollectorList.pdf

Family Count Graph: FamilyCountAcGraph.pdf

Genera of Largest Family Graph: GenusCountAcGraph.pdf

Project Information: ProjectInfo.pdf

Samplings List: SamplingsList.pdf

Species Ranking: SpeciesDistributionRanking.pdf

Species Report: Taxonomy.pdf

Upper Taxa List: UpperTaxa.pdf

Principal Investigator

PI Name:  Jason Love

PI Organization:  Tremont Institute

Co-investigator #1

Co-PI Name:  Jeremy Lloyd

Co-PI Organization:  Tremont Institute

Co-investigator #2

Co-PI Name:  Mary Silver

Co-PI Organization:  Tremont Institute

Primary Taxonomist

Taxonomist Name:  Jason Love

Taxonomist Organization:  Tremont Institute

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