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Park Backlog
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Small Mammals
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Edward E. Pivorun
Project Summary:

Dr. Pivorun

Brief Description: A traditional inventory of small mammals as part of the Vertebrate Study.

Dates: 1/16/1999 to 10/21/2003.

Summary: Most of study took place in 1999 to 2002 with a few records taken in October of 2003.  The vast majority of mammals taken were classified as rodents (Rodentia) or insectivores (Insectivora).  22 species were collected from 428 samplings.

Sampling Methods: Traditional sampling, using mostly Sherman Traps for rodents and pitfall traps for insectivores.

Special Note: This project was part of the larger, specially-funded, Park Vertebrate Study inventory.

Collectors List: CollectorList.pdf

Family Count Graph: FamilyCountGraph.pdf

Species Ranking: SpeciesDistributionRanking.pdf

Species Report: Taxonomy.pdf

Upper Taxa List: UpperTaxa.pdf

Principal Investigator

PI Name:  Dr. Edward E. Pivorun

PI Organization:  Clemson University

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